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Salinity Refractometer
Salinity Refractometer
weight 0.25 kg
brief description A salinity refractometer is an instrument to measure the salinity (amount of salt) of any liquid, especially water.

Size: 20x4cm

Put some drops of the liquid onto the prism of the refractometer, close the prismaflap. Watch out, that the liquid on the prism is equally distributed and that there are no air bubbles. Take the refractometer and hold it up to the light. Throuth the eyepiece you can immediately find out the salinity of the liquid. After use remove the liquid from the prism.

The refractometer has an ATC (automatic temperature compensation) and works without any electricty. That means you can use it at any time, no batteries required.

Measuring range:
Salinity: 0-100‰ density: 1.000-1.070

Salinity: 1‰ density: 0.001

Measuring precision:
Salinity: ±1‰ density: ±0.001

- 1 pipette (+ 10 free pipettes)
- storage case with zipper
- mini screwdriver for scale calibration
- Users guide in english
€ 55.00
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