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Pelliciera rhizophorae - Tea Mangrove
recommended for beginner
good for fresh water, brackish water, salt water
area winter garden, vivarium, terrarium, mangrove basin
root type
buttress-roots buttress-roots
growth Ø 1 pair of leaves in 1 week (with good growing conditions)
specials rarest mangrove existing
description The 'Tea Mangrove' (Pelliciera rhizophorae) is the rarest mangrove on earth. Just some hundrets are left of this species.

It had a wide distribution in the Caribbean area until at least the beginning of the Miocene.By the early Pliocene its distribution had been reduced drastically. This reduction in range and its present distribution appears to be related to the influence of past and present climates on soil salinity regimes within the mangrove ecosystems. The Tea Mangrove survived in areas where it rains a lot so that the Tea Mangrove gets enough fresh water supply and the salinity is not too high. Just in a few places of the Caribbean coasts of Central and South America it can be found.

The leaves of this mangrove contains tannins and other substances found in tea, therefore the Tea Mangroves was considered part of the Tea Plant family for over than a century, that is why this mangrove is called 'Tea Mangrove'.

The Tea Mangrove can be easily identified by its beautiful blossoms and the tea-like leaves as through its extraordinary trunk and air roots.

It is absolutely necessary to supply the mangrove with enough nutrients and moisture for a healthy and good growth. For perfect growth you need an air temperature of 28-29°C and an humidity of 70 to 95%.
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