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Mangrove Wilderness
Mangrove Wilderness
Mangrove Wilderness
recommended for beginner printed 1994
language english condition 2nd hand
pages 30 out of print yes
author Bianca Lavies first print yes
publisher Dutton Children's Books
back Mangrove Wilderness - rückseite
description Florida's red mangrove trees were once thought of as scrub. But now these saltwater colonizers, which grow where few other trees can, are getting the appreciation they deserve.

With intimate photographs and a lucid text, Bianca Lavies looks at the vast and fascinating web of life that depends on the red mangrove - from shrimps, sea horses, and hermit crabs to raccoons, snakes, and pelicans.

And the trees are not just part of a farreaching food chain - their dense, arching prop roots and leafy branches provide animals with a safe, nourishing environment in which to grow and raise young.

This visit to a thriving plant and animal community will impress young readers with the interdependence of living things.
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