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Mangrove Swamps
Mangrove Swamps
Mangrove Swamps
recommended for beginner printed 2008
language english condition new
pages 31 out of print no
author Kimberley Jane Pryor first print no
publisher Macmillan Library
back Mangrove Swamps - rückseite
contents Mangrove Swamps - inhaltsverzeichnis 
from the book Mangrove Swamps - aus dem Buch 
description The Wonders of the Sea series explores six different ocean habitats.

In Mangrove Swamps read about:
- the plants and animals that live in mangrove swamps
- a mangrove swamp food chain
- natural and human threats to mangrove swamps
- ways to help protect mangrove swamps
€ 9.00
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