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Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989)
Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989)
Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989)
recommended for experienced printed 1990
language chinese / english condition new
pages 231 out of print yes
author Dr. Lin Peng first print yes
publisher Xiamen University Press
back Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989) - rückseite
contents Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989) - inhaltsverzeichnis Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989) - inhaltsverzeichnis 
from the book Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989) - aus dem Buch Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989) - aus dem Buch Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989) - aus dem Buch 
description 'Mangrove Research Papers (1980-1989)' is a book written by the famous mangrove man Dr. Lin Peng.

The book contains knowledge of 10 years investigation on mangroves. It tells about the single mangrove species existing in China, the ecosystem of mangroves and the distribution of mangroves in China as well as about the economical use of mangroves.

Furthermore the book informs about intersting topics like the medical use of mangroves and how the growth and development of mangroves is influenced by human pollution.

It furthermore presents the studies and results done between 1980 to 1989.

This book is written in Chinese and English.
€ 49.00
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