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Mangrove Mud Basic (3,5 kg)
Mangrove Mud Basic (3,5 kg)
area pond, winter garden, vivarium, terrarium, indoor plant, mangrove basin
good for fresh water, brackish water, salt water
volume 3.5 litres
weight 3.5 kg
mixing ratio 1:1 = up to 7 liters good ground substrat
description 'Mangrove Mud Basic' is a long-term fertilizer consisting of a high quality mix of three different kinds of sand, important minerals for mangroves, loam as well as ground substrate which has been directly imported from the mangrove forests. This substrate composition is perfect for mangroves and supports their growth.

You can mix 'Mangrove Mud Basic' with sand (not coral sand or shell sand) in a mixing ratio of 1:1.

You receive 5 years of experience with that product which is a 100% biological substrate made in Austria!

Do not use 'Mangrove Mud Basic' for aquariums. This product does not include harmful substances but 'pollutes' your water.
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